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Dan Henry, Co-Founder


Dan Henry, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Digital Millionaire Secrets, is a professional speaker, founder of multiple million-dollar companies, including and, and one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world.

Despite his rough childhood, Dan started his first company to pay his way through college. His first efforts, while only mildly successful, inspired him to drop out of college and pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Since then, Dan has generated over $30M in revenue in his business. Dan has even closed over $1 Million from stage in a single day using many of the strategies he shares with the world.

Dan has grown a massive following and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and more.

Dan is committed to creating products and services that help others, including his books and sales and closing services for online entrepreneurs. Dan is also the father to a beautiful baby boy named Bruce, after his favorite superhero. 

Phil Bohol is a father and husband, Marine Corps veteran, world-class sales and confidence coach, founder of Corps Confidence, co-founder of, and a well-respected leader in the remote closing space.

Coming from a third-world country with humble beginnings, Phil truly embodies personal growth and transformation. From becoming an infantry squad leader to becoming a phenomenal remote closer to becoming a life-changing mentor and coach, growth and impact have always been important themes throughout his life.

As a remote closer, Phil managed to go from earning $200 a month to over $15,000 a month within his first 90 days of entering the industry.


Phil Bohol, Co-Founder


He went on to make multiple six-figures and eventually began to coach others on how to do the same, scaling his Confidence Coaching company to 7-Figures.

Impressed by his work, Dan Henry himself hired Phil to train his elite 8-figure sales team, which after working with Phil, performed even better. So much so that Dan Henry offered to start a joint venture with Phil, and after seeing the event results, they decided to work even more closely together and start this new company,

Phil is committed to helping all his students and clients win in life and business. He is all about positive impact, not only on the people he works with but on the families that count on them. Because family is very important to Phil, and one of his greatest joys is creating wholesome memories, like taking his baby daughter (who he calls his little nugget) to Disneyland.

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The Rise of

Dan Henry is one of the most well-known online coaching and consulting entrepreneurs. He has made millions selling online courses, consulting, masterminds, and events. Dan has trained and educated many others on how to build online businesses like his own. He is an expert in his field with a very in-depth understanding of the fundamentals and nuances of his industry. He has established himself as a trusted authority that many new and aspiring entrepreneurs visit for guidance.

Phil Bohol was one of these aspiring entrepreneurs. When Phil discovered Dan, he resonated with his success story. Because, like himself, Dan was a prime example of someone who achieved success despite the many challenges he needed to overcome along the way, as he also came from humble beginnings and a rough childhood.

Although Phil did not always have the financial means to invest, he never failed to find solutions with his resourcefulness and strong work ethic. Phil is an individual that truly commits to the decisions he makes. After deciding to learn from Dan, he always found the means to invest in Dan’s coaching, time after time, developing his skills and increasing his income with every investment.

Time went on, and Dan wanted to delegate more responsibilities, so he could focus on other aspects of his business and spend less time training, coaching, and managing. He was already familiar with Phil’s offer because they worked on it together and decided to hire Phil to train, coach, and manage, his sales team for a time.

Dan already had a very experienced 8-figure sales team that stood among the best in the industry. However, he believed that any possibility of improving their performance would be well worth the investment. Dan went on to hire Phil to train his team for seven weeks, and the results truly surprised him. Phil helped close rates drastically improve across Dan’s entire sales team. Their new level of performance was better than anything in their company’s history. Dan was more impressed with Phil than anyone he had ever worked with.

What made Phil so effective was that he drew from his military experience as an infantry squad leader and integrated that into how he led Dan’s sales team. This caused Dan’s entire sales team to operate with the same efficiency and effectiveness as a highly-trained military task force.

Dan began to think about what would be possible if the two of them decided to do something bigger. Dan’s sales and marketing experience combined with Phil’s sales and operations experience would create a synergy that had massive potential. Together, they could disrupt the entire remote closing space and set a new gold standard for what the industry should be. Dan asked Phil if he wanted to join him and make this vision a reality. He gladly accepted the offer, and was born.